About Us

About FixinitCountry

  FixinitCountry is a small family run internet - Craft Show business that we run from our home located in the small town of Clearfield in Beautiful Central Pennsylvania. It is owned and operated by Jim and Dawn Smith. Dawn has always been crafty and has been doing craft shows her whole life. She is always sewing or painting in her free time. Jim is a 3rd generation wood worker with sawdust in his veins. He can build anything from a house on down. Usually he can be found in his wood shop making items for the store.

  It all started 5 years ago when we purchased a new home and needed to decorate it. Dawn wanted to decorate it in the primitive country style. We had difficulties finding any stores in our area that carry such items. When we were able to find a place that sold the Primitive Decor we liked, it was often very expensive and low quality. Our solution to this problem was to combine our talents and make our own items! And so it began. 

   Friends and neighbors saw and loved our creations and wanted to buy them. Seeing the demand for our items, Dawn suggested that we take the show on the road and start doing some Craft Shows. We soon developed a very large fan base that followed us from show to show to see what our new items would be. While the shows allowed us to meet our clients face to face, they were only able to purchase our creations about 20 times a year. Jim suggested we start an online store and www.fixinitcountry.com was born.     

  While Jim is extremely tech savvy, it was definitely challenging learning all about the ins and outs of e-commerce. We persevered and after several mistakes along the way the store was up and running. We are constantly adding new produces to the site so visit it frequently!   

 Thank you to all of our great customers who have followed us on our journey and getting us to where we are now! We truly appreciate each and every one of you.